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Update:19 Jan 2019

Efficiency principle for non-standard blade selection I […]

Efficiency principle for non-standard blade selection
In metal cutting, tool selection is almost a problem every process engineer must face. There are many problems to be considered in the selection of non-standard blades. There are many principles, such as efficiency principles, machining accuracy principles, stability principles, economic principles, and so on. The principle of efficiency is inseparable from other principles, especially the principle of economics. The main purpose of requiring efficiency is to ensure the economics of the entire process. But efficiency is especially important, so I will separate it and discuss it separately.
The efficiency principle is first and foremost an efficiency that guarantees acceptable processing accuracy and acceptable stability. Without this basic condition, efficiency cannot be discussed. Just as we want our vehicles (such as cars) to bring us faster speeds, but safety is often the first. Once a plane crashes, many people will carefully consider whether they will continue to choose to travel, and airlines will revisit existing security policies. Without safety, the aircraft will not be the preferred means of transportation. The same is true for non-standard blades.
Stability principle for non-standard blade selection
There are many modern manufacturing products that have a certain quantity, but how to achieve stable quality in mass-produced products has many needs to be studied. But I think that if the manufacturing is metal cutting, the stability of the non-standard blade must be considered.
The stability of the tool is also reflected in many aspects. For example, the material of the tool, the coating, the geometric parameters, the groove shape, the mounting and clamping, etc., the stability of the production sometimes depends on the technical foundation of the non-standard blade manufacturer. Changes in customer raw materials, blanks, machine tool and fixture updates may impose new adaptive requirements on the tool. How non-standard blades can be changed to adapt to customer changes depends on the technical skills of non-standard blade manufacturers and the service awareness of non-standard blade manufacturers.

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