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11选5杀号大师100准确:The economic principle of non-standard blade selection

Update:12 Jan 2019

The economic principle of non-standard blade selection […]

The economic principle of non-standard blade selection refers to the main principle of selecting non-standard blades by increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. This principle is often one of the most important principles of our choice of blades, but many people's understanding is relatively one-sided, narrowing the content of this principle.
We understand the economic principle of non-standard blade selection, and we must analyze it comprehensively and in accordance with local conditions.
For example, the efficiency principle we talked about earlier is particularly important when processing capacity cannot meet production requirements. In particular, some enterprises actually have some production bottlenecks, that is, the production capacity of individual processes restricts the production capacity of the entire workshop and even the enterprise. At this time, improving efficiency will become the first choice for improving production capacity.
The most direct way for people to improve their economics is to reduce purchase prices. But if there is no technical improvement as a basis, the simple price drop is often extremely limited. I know that some non-standard blade users are constantly asking suppliers to lower prices in order to lower the purchase price, but some price declines may have direct or indirect damage to users. Therefore, our economy cannot be considered from this aspect.

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